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Now do what small projects most make money blog China Network Al

China Daily net time: 2012-07-17 11:41 now do what small projects the most money? Blog China Network Alliance times return, my name is Zhang Fang, a Cantonese, I run the cosmetics store, here we have three, shop for 5 years, there are many repeat customers, so business is also good.
I do not meet, always looking to expand the scale of the method, but our sales is so big,christian louboutin pas cher, so would like to open a shop, but do not know how to do it.Have the Spring Festival when cousin came back from Beijing, when I chat say my troubles, she said you can do e-commerce, Internet without geographical restrictions, the field of consumers in your website to buy things, and now the electronic commerce is one of the most popular industry, many of our colleagues in the online shopping.
I think I'm on the electronic commerce also does not know what to do, commodity, I have, but no mall site also do not know how to operate it.Run a shop on the net how to open?Be in search of the Internet the next, see Beijing blog world network technology limited, only one computer can the success of online shopping mall of the advertisement language, the entire page from top to bottom all at that time,louboutin, feel, left a message, I this person is identified on the action immediately.
How online cosmetics store open? The very next day morning to 9 just to store the received Beijing blog world network science and technology limited company phone, I think I am consulting about the content of each asked again, after all, is not previously done business, although he presents a clear understand very well, but I am some say some doubts, worry about not operation, they introduced me to the company has tens of thousands of kinds of commodities provided free of charge, and I also can upload their own goods, can get all join together to promote sales, as long as I can do.
In fact,louboutin pas cher, the operation is very simple, I think that trouble, all about the technical aspects of the problem are given and headquarters support, web development, design and maintenance of a Beijing blog world network technology limited company headquarters to do.
I had to, all of the worries are lifted.Now do what small projects the most money? Shop joined blog China Network Alliance times return.Hit the spot, so I decided to blog and Beijing World Limited company of network science and technology cooperation, fax signed a contract to do the procedure.
The headquarters of the fast speed, less than a week to give me, headquarters Miss customer service very carefully, patiently taught me how to manage this website.Two days later, I will be able to operate independently the website backstage, learned from the backstage database choose different commodity, learn how to upload their own new products, also to promote optimization of Internet electronic commerce and so on various aspects of the knowledge, after that I choose the right, I mean virtually had a strong the team in the background support, technology, supply, logistics and other aspects of all the things I have not, I now only responsible from backstage to choose I think hot commodities in my store to display.
Now do what small projects the most money? Blog China Network Alliance times return.But Beijing blog world network technology limited customer service is very considerate is in place, the next day there will be Miss customer service on the QQ speaks to me, I understand the business situation, not in their guidance, I order increasing, income increased day by day, the first month earned 3000 multivariate, second months earned 5000 multivariate, now a month easily can earn ten thousand multivariate, than I am a physical store profit more, I believe, the near future, the shopping mall that I can make more money, will certainly be more than three of my entity store total income, I am very confident, this is my biggest one selection, very correct.

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Run the cosmetics store location unique skill. - Career Guide -

Run the cosmetics storelocation and what skills ?Run the cosmetics store location for what is unique ?Run the cosmetics store location should pay attention to what ?Run the cosmetics store location is the basic principles of what ?Run the cosmetics store location details classification what ?Cosmetics store location what the law ?If you don location ,how to do ?relationresultOne,the fundamental principles of site selection of cosmetics store open , relationresultShopchoice should focus on regional economy ,level of income ,purchasing power quality and quantity as well as the shop itself quality ,rather than blindly emphasizes cheap, under normal circumstances ,the downtown business district have a wide range of ,person flow is large ,high turnover is inevitable .
The population density is high large and medium-sized residential area ,demand is exuberant ,christian louboutin pas cher,and passenger source is steady ,but also can ensure that the stability of these local shops ,behoove is our choice .
relationresultTwo,run the cosmetics store specific location unique skill. , relationresult 1 city traffic convenient place .relationresultIn thecity the transportation hubs such as bus station ,train station ,louboutin pas cher,bus station and other places ,is mainly take account of customers walk no more than 20 minutes inside street edge set up shop .
Selection on both sides of the road pedestrian flow up to the side as a preferred ,most conducive to store management .relationresult2town population increases rapidly .relationresultEnterprises,residential area and urban development ,such as the establishment of the residential quarters ,administrative district ,the new enterprise ,will give the shop to bring in more customers, and make it more development potential .
relationresult3people gathered place .relationresultSuch asshopping centres ,cultural park ,the cinema / theater and other entertainment nearby, or a small / medium / University School ,factories ,institutions nearby, it can attract and pedestrian ,on the other hand because the surrounding fame effect ,more customers to remember the store locations .
relationresult4select fewer side streets or obstacles .relationresultMany times,the pedestrian to cross the road ,so the focus to escape from a vehicle or other traffic, while ignoring the side shop .
Therefore ,do not have the side streets or obstructions on the side of the open shop ,or even more people are not many effective customers .relationresult5select the spontaneous formation of certain market area .
relationresultIn the long run,a street market will spontaneously formed sale of a commodity market concentration &ldquo ;&rdquo ;,facts prove that ,for those operating the durable goods shop ,if can be concentrated in a certain area or blocks ,which can attract customers .
Because people think of buying a certain commodity will come very naturally to think of this place .relationresult6 according to thebusiness content to select address .relationresultSalesof the different types of goods to the site ,the requirements are also different .
Some stores require a large flow of people in the area ,louboutin,such as a clothing store ,small supermarket ,but not all the shops are open for huge crowds of people in the place ,such as health supplies stores and service centers for the elderly ,is suitable in the remote ,quiet place .
relationresultFind a sugar daddyto have 7 &ldquo ;&rdquo ;consciousness ,brand shop nearby .relationresultThatshop in the famous brand chain stores or store nearby ,can even open beside it .
And supermarket ,commercial ,hotel ,24 hours of pharmacies ,coffee shops ,tea houses ,bars ,school ,bank ,post office ,laundry shop ,printing shop ,community service center ,community cultural and Sports Center ,gathering a strong brand stores and public places adjacent .
So the cosmetics store, the store opened in the &ldquo ;&rdquo or &ldquo ;Watsons ;petty life around &rdquo .Because ,these famous brand cosmetics store in choice shop front has done a lot of meticulous market survey ,next to their shop, not only can save time and energy on site ,you can also use their brand effect by &ldquo &rdquo ;pick ;some customers .
relationresultThe 8option is located in the commercial center street location .relationresultThe bestthings to the South ;north-south streets better sit west headed east, located in the northwest corner of the crossroads as possible .
In addition ,the fork in the road is a good place ;on a sloping road shop not desirable ;pavement and shop floor level cannot be too wide .9 to select a storefront advertising space .relationresultSomestores have no independent facade ,the shop front naturally lose independent advertising space ,but also makes you lose in front of the shop to play &ldquo ;&rdquo ;marketing space .
relationresult10selection with &ldquo ;by cold heated &rdquo ;commercial trend area .relationresultInstead of choosingnow valued by the businessman shops operating position ,as options for the near future by cold heated ,is currently not optimistic about the street or area .
relationresultThree,if you will not location ,how to do ?There are 2 ways .relationresult1,hire a professional market survey firm to help site .Through field ,scientific ,comprehensive ,rigorous location survey ,can obtain the best shop address .
But this method compared to the cost of expensive, most suitable for large enterprises or investment fund investors to choose .relationresultIn 2,joined the company to help coordinate location .
Since joining Corporation ( petty life ) are relatively strong strength ,brand reputation degree is high ,with rich site experience ,so it is suitable for small and medium enterprises or investment smaller investors choose .

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In Taobao shop onlineTell you how to open the blog china shop

China Daily website: 2012-06-05 13:37 time in Taobao shop online?Blog China lifted the poineering tide,christian louboutin pas cher, Beijing blog world network technology Co.,louboutin, Ltd., is the Chinese B2C market the larger 3C online shopping platform for professional, is the China electronic commerce field popular and influential one of e-commerce sites, and the original &ldquo B2C& rdquo; plant; electronic commerce new mode, organization of more than 100000 kinds of value of goods, completely break the consumption geographical limitations, breaks through the traditional sales channels of the time limit, to the provincial capital, prefecture-level cities,louboutin pas cher, county-level city, county portal form, for the vast number of friends to provide anytime, convenient and quick, excellent network of retail commerce.

Shandong implication of the Jiangnan style including the canal culture the largest private garden bu

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Xiangyang City checks cosmetics sales market - Xiangyang Han

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Guangdong Foshan

Visitors hand inflatable doll chest international online news: 2012 July 20, 2012, Guangdong Foshan Cultural Industry Fair in Guangdong Foshan Nanzhuang Town of Huaxia Ceramic City International Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening, the exhibition "the development of cultural industry, promoting the cultural renaissance" as the theme, through four days of deduction and exhibition, to the general audience wonderful interpretation of the splendid culture of at all times and in all countries.
The fair site, a total of three stage and eight exhibition and festival area the common interpretation of the broad and profound culture.By deduction, exhibition, combining the experience to the audience about the culture of gluttonous feast.
From various regions of the classical furniture, Takeki, calligraphy and painting works of art, ceramics, purple, traditional crafts, the "scholar's four jewels", as well as gemstones, pearls, coral,christian louboutin pas cher, jade, agate,louboutin, jade, Huanglong jade; provinces old food,louboutin pas cher, tea also appeared on the cultural stage.
In the non material cultural exhibition coquettish is provincial and state level intangible cultural heritage, including folk literature, traditional dance, traditional drama, folk art, such as drums, harmonica, hip-hop, Sax, rock music, acrobatics, magic, football, field and non material cultural heritage who played exhibition.
Festival area attention is relatively high, the scene to show and reality TV show, to the general audience interpretive culture: appeal underwear Xiu, chair dance, ballet, bold and unconstrained girl crazy dance, painting, shemale interaction, sexy charming actress performing, the temptation of uniforms, deadly temptation, SM performing Latin for the first time in Guangdong staged, which "abuse" of network favorite sister Furong surface, as well as "wet Lulu" Wu Xier highly sought after, the audience have asked for a photo.

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Food and Drug Administration check illegal cosmetics shop

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At the end of a predetermined Baby Magic 2 is introduced the ori

Square Nicks company R & D, Yujunaoting agent easily, lovely wind network game "Baby Magic 2" special activities, to celebrate the "flange wang"!Game player as long as in the activity period cumulative log days, can get the different equipment,louboutin, accumulated a certain number of days on the line is full, can collect "Royal Knight" and "snow turtle"!In addition, in order to encourage old game player after the merge back home with my old classmates talk, just meet the task conditions, can be "backpack props bar expansion",christian louboutin pas cher, "twin dolls"!At the same time, Yujunaoting will be officially launched at the end of Japan and the one hundred percent as the "original server", is to bring the game player feel brand new!Flange Wang nationwide with set timed broadcasting flange wang!Let the "Baby Magic 2" (official website, download, forum, area, whole nation with world register)!At the same time, celebrate "Yong" and "Ruby" two server game player in the same world continue to adventure, until the October 20th, game player as long as the login is accumulated to a certain number of days, can obtain "props" synthetic securities ",louboutin pas cher, Royal Knight boots", "Royal Knight Helmet" and "court knight armor", with 21 days to complete the "Royal Knight", a full 25 days can be "treasured book snow turtle"!Let the game player in the game and smart patrol!Veteran home login send virtual treasure in order to encourage old game player in server consolidation after back home with my old classmates talk, if in July 1 will no enter game old game player who, until September 29th to enter the game, can obtain "backpack props bar extended 30 day" activity period, cumulative log 10 day, also can obtain more "twin doll 30"!The original server end will open in order to appreciate the game player for a long time, "Baby Magic 2" support in Taiwan area, Yujunaoting game player in the way of demand and the original communication and efforts, to be officially launched at the end of Japan and the one hundred percent the same "original content server", will be afterwards Japan from outside the area, the only pure the Japanese version, please close look forward to game player.
(2009-09-24) by the end of the predetermined "Baby Magic 2" is introduced the original server
(2009-09-09) Li Yong ruby "Baby Magic 2" is grade two guild system
together around love "Baby Magic 2" to rescue activities start
(2009-08-21) server migration new world has launched the "Baby Magic 2" platform

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